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Frequent Questions

Q: Is MainDashboard like web hosting? Does it include web hosting?

Yes it does include hosting and it's very similar actually to web hosting too - some people call MainDashboard a "next generation" hosting solution because of all the built in goodies that it comes with. You'll have an FTP account to upload web pages, CSS, flash, javascript and images. It's also true to say that anything you can do with a regular web hosting company, you can do with us.

Q: Is MainDashboard XHTML compliant?

Yes indeed it is. Is your website? Because MainDashboard will respect your HTML code and won't change it, your website's XHTML compliance will depend on the HTML code that you or your designer has created. However if you do insert any system modules onto your web pages, the system will generate XHTML compliant code.

Q: Can I use my own web address? Or do i need to use

You can use your own web address, also called a URL or domain name. You can either redelegate your domain and use our DNS servers. Or you can create an A-Record in your existing DNS service to point your domain to your new site at MainDashboard - it's up to you. For instructions on this, see our knowledge base article.

Q: Can I run Javascript, CSS Stylesheets and Flash on MainDashboard?

Yeah, sure! Anything you can run on another HTML page or on your blog will work just fine. Remember that at a base-level MainDashboard is like any other web hosting platform.

Q: Can I run MainDashboard on my own servers?

MainDashboard is a hosted service and is not available as a download, so you can't install it on other servers. Trust us - this is a good thing. Managing, configuring and maintaining servers is a hardwork. Servers can be picky and have mood swings. Just ask our engineers - you don't want to carry around a machine that goes "BEEEP* at 3am in the morning, just because one of the servers feels like a fresh shrimp omelette.

Q: Does MainDashboard include POP email?

Yes, MainDashboard includes a POP3 email service and webmail, too!

Q: I've already got a CRM solution that works for me. Can I still use MainDashboard?

Yes, but you won't get the full benefit of having everything "all-in-one". You'll need to import and export contact information back and forth between the systems in order to use the email marketing solution. If you've got some programming skills and some spare time, there is an API built to help you sync your customer databases that you can leverage.

Q: I've got some PHP code on my web site that my nephew programmed for me. Can I use that?

Our goal was to create a platform that fulfilled the needs of 90% of all business people, so they didn't need to get their nephews and granddaughters to program for them. So the answer is no, you can't run PHP, ASP or other server-side code. But you can probably replicate the functionality, and then maintain it yourself without a problem.

Q: Am I locked in to MainDashboard if I start using it? How do I get my customer data out?

No! We don't believe in "locking" people in. You can use the built-in report generator to export all your customer data, including cases (web form submissions) and ecommerce orders. 

In terms of web pages, images and the like, these are easily exported using FTP - simply log in and download them.